Family Constellations

Family Constellations, created by Bert Hellinger, is a method that seeks to resolve family, relationships, financial, organizational and health conflicts as well as others. This method brings to light what is hidden in relationships and highlights the deep connection we have with our family in one or more generations.

Constellations is a method of a phenomenological approach, that is, we do not know “exactly” why it happens this way. We work with the Soul.
However, one of the most widely accepted theories as the basis for the Family Constellations is Rupert Sheldrake's Theory of Morphogenetic Fields (*). See Rupert Sheldrake here. We only know that the people who build their constellations feel good, and there is almost always a change in the customer's inner image helping them to reshape their lives. “What happens in family constellations is mysterious. How is it possible that wholly unfamiliar people who have no idea of the family or the person they represent suddenly react as if they are that person and assume their feelings, behavior and even their physical symptoms? ” (p. 213 The Source…) “. See Training in Brazil.

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According to Bert Hellinger, “We have to say goodbye to a very widespread concept… that our knowledge is based only on communication and the mind. Therefore, a child knows only about his family what he has been told .... the Soul is something we are in, in which we participate. But we are part of something large that is not accessible through usual psychology… when we enter a constellation and do it centered, we feel like those unknown people. ”(P. 216 The Source…) Diseases can even be caused by the family in systemic terms, that is, if something serious has happened in a family, there is a need for compensation over the generations. There may be a repetition of negative fate! Therefore, you may be following the negative fate of some member of your family without knowing it.



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