Dots of Light

“Dots of Light" is based on B.Brennan's “Hands of Light” studies as Zaquie was a direct disciple of B.Brennan ( from 1996 to 2000. It is also based on some research done in her clinical experience with clients (some of these experiences were described in her book “ The Consciousness of Sensations and Constellations”).
"Dots of Light" is an immersion into your sensory perception, sensations and experiences with yourself, opening up your intuition, developing your sensibility and bringing a better understanding of yourself. This is called HEALING.


Healing, therefore, is done with hands-on. Zaquie C Meredith offers distance healing sessions. She works at all levels such as physical, emotional, mental, relationships and spiritual with impressive and effective results.
The benefits of HEALING are many: increases concentration, well-being, direct your life mission, connect with spirituality, brings a sense of happiness and joy, harmonizes your energy and chakras, expands awareness, deepens contact with yourself and dissolves negative energy points.



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