Zaquie C. Meredith

is one of the Brazilian's pioneers constellators of the first generation graduated in the country.
She was a co-founder of the ABC, Brazilian Association of Systemic Constellations.
She is a sociologist and psychotherapist graduated…

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Lunch at “Cat Laughing” with some students

“Good morning, dear teacher. I have to thank! I am reading your book. I paid close attention to the energy field class and made an incredible difference in my attendance because it made rapport so much easier to connect the client with the case he wants to work with. Yesterday and today I made a dynamic that brings the person back to the moment of her birth. And field theory made all the difference in having quality care, getting in the easiest state, being able to capture memories more easily, getting in and living the moment was so much better. I thank you just that changed, it was worth the investment."
- Brisa's Testimonial

Author of 3 titles, plus CD and DVD

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Family Constellations

The Family Constellation, created by Bert Hellinger, is a method that seeks to resolve family, relationship, financial, organizational, health, personality and other conflicts. This method brings to light what is hidden in relationships and highlights the deep connection we have with our family in one or more generations.

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Dots of Light (Healings)

The “Points of Light” course is based on studies and research and Zaquie C Meredith's office experiences in the “Awareness of Sensations”, Barbara Brennan“ Hands of Light (Zaquie was a direct disciple Brennan)”, other American techniques, M.J.Fleming “Living in Present” Rupert Sheldrake.

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