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Trainings in Brazil (São Paulo)

Zaquie C Meredith, Brazilian and British Subject has a B.S. In Sociology and is one of the pioneers in Brazil in the work of Family Constellations. When she started studying Family Constellations she started with the first group in Brazil. Brought by Bert Hellinger in 1999 by Esther Frankel and then other german constellators such as Lorenz, Schneider, etc …Ursula Franke, Ingala Robl, Bert Isert. She also made a supervision with Dr. Mahrs in England and has done sensorial perception tests for Rupert Sheldrake in 2010 who wrote the preface of her book.
In 2010 she went to visit Sheldrake.

Zaquie has had already studied 4 years with B Brennan on Hands of Light (Sensorial Perception, Fields, Healings) and so family constellation was just the other glove needed to fit in.
She is a member of Hellinger Science and ISCA. She is one of the founders of the Brazilian Association of Systemic Constellations (ABC).
Zaquie gives trainings and workshops and attends individually. She gave workshops in Lima, Peru, and Montevideo Uruguay as well as other parts of Brazil. She participated in the Forum “ El Alcance Social” of the 2nd Congress of Family Constellation in Mexico.
Zaquie gives talks 2001 on Energy Fields, The Law of Attraction, Prosperity, etc, Family Constellations, Healings.

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